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She graduated from Esmod Paris with a Fashion Design degree and has been working in the fashion industry for 25 years :

As a freelance journalists for Japanese fashion magazines (Elle Japan, Madame Figaro Japan, Harpers Bazar…)

As a fashion show coordinator for Japanese brands launching on the international market.

She is also the executive producer for her company M’allure which produces events, fashion shows, fashion shootings, TV shootings…

She brings a unique perspective to the brand both as a journalist and buyer as well as a creator.




Born in Chigasaki, one of the most famous resorts of the Japanese pacific coast, she began her career as a freelance journalist writing for several publications.

After moving to Paris she became a design consultant for women’s wear as well as designing baby clothing for MINI-TSUTSU with TSUTSU (Ex director of style for Kenzo)